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Our Sound Insulation Testing Service

Compliant EPC is UKAS accredited and offers sound insulation testing to meet the Part E Acoustic Testing building regulations in the UK. If you would like to discuss your details, or to get an idea of our rates with no obligation, call us on 01623 573009 or email here: info@compliant-epc.co.uk


Based out of Nottingham we service the breadth of the UK with significant experience in large scale projects but equally able to service smaller sites and single dwelling testing too.

What is Sound Insulation Testing?

Sound Insulation Testing is measuring the airborne or impact noise coming through a partition. The partition is the floor, wall or ceiling and there will be different requirements for each. Using the latest and most accurate acoustic equipment we undertake detailed preliminary analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the space under assessment, measuring a myriad of acoustic parameters such as Reverberation time, operational room response, and impulse response and speech intelligibility index.

How Acoustic Testing Works

Acoustic Test Results are a good indication for potential improvements you could expect but are not a solid confirmation of what you will achieve. Every property will behave differently, even if you consider them to be built and laid out the same. We carry out acoustic testing by placing a loudspeaker in the source room which produces a very high sound level. A level difference is recorded in the receiving room; either directly adjacent, above or below. This level difference is standardised to a reference value. The airborne result is a single number that can be compared to a performance standard.

Why Do You Need Sound Insulation Testing

Many people consider building acoustics to be an issue that is associated with a few specific industries and environments. In fact, we work with companies from all sectors to ensure that their room acoustics are suitable to help keep their working environment and employees as productive as possible. Having good acoustics helps massively with productivity, communication and concentration.

Pricing: Sound Insulation Testing

  • Prices starting from £200
  • Multiple properties require testing? Contact us for a competitive quotation on air pressure testing

Prices stated are an all-inclusive fee and include up to 2 additional re-tests (on the same site visit), if the property is not meeting compliance in the first instance.

Air Pressure Test Certificate prices stated are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

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