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Invest in your staff and your staff will invest in you – This has been our ethos since day one and more now than ever we fully believe in this and have been implementing it into our business model since we started back in 2015.

Certified Industry Specialists

Compliant EPC were recently approached by the national energy efficiency awards due to our outstanding work and approach to the industry. initially being entered into two categories, we were quickly shortlisted for the Midlands Energy Consultancy of the year 2020 award. However, our managing director was the highlight of the evening taking home the award for Energy Efficiency Champion 2020. This was awarded due to his extensive qualifications, understanding and impact within the industry from a view of reducing carbon to training others to do so.

Its safe to say we were very pleased with the outcome which has helped give us further recognition within the industry.

Bringing a Fresh new Approach

Compliant EPC bring a fresh new approach to a relatively new and exciting sector of construction and the housing market. As we all know, the world these days has become hooked on reducing carbon and looking after the planet and this is quite simply why we are here today. The changes over the past 10 years have become ever more stringent but this has allowed us to grow and provide a key service to clients which ultimately is aimed towards reducing the long-term impact and help the longevity of our environment, housing and planet.

With the industry being relatively new, what better than to have a younger, fresher and more open-minded team of consultants who are eager to learn, adapt and grow. This is why we regularly advertise and bring in new apprentices through our training program.

You Are Not Just A Number

Aren’t you tired of dealing with industry specialists who are rigid in their methods and exhausted of the day to day, treating you just like another number? Well at Compliant EPC we have an enthusiastic and motivated team who love what they do and see every customer as being important, regardless of whether you are new or existing with a small or large project – You will get a comprehensive and friendly service from someone who cares and believes in what we do and what we are trying to achieve.

This ethos is instilled into each and every member of staff from day one, ensuring that we provide the most comprehensive and considered approach.

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