What is Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)?

Dynamic simulation modelling is carried out to analyse how a building will perform and how comfortable it will be for its occupants, this is a very important part of the design process. Occupant comfort and energy analysis is assessed year-round to ensure we have the most accurate data for the building’s actual performance.

Using IESVE software package, we are able to accurately assess commercial and domestic buildings using dynamic simulation modelling (DSM) for a range of assessments from energy use and compliance, thermal comfort, daylight analysis and plant sizing calculations (heat loss and gains).

Dynamic simulation modelling allows us to create a very detailed 3D, thermal model of a building and input all of its key features including the architectural design, construction elements, location, shading, HVAC and light strategy, renewable technology, air leakage and equipment loads. This then enables us to perform full year simulations of the building to see how it performs in various aspects.

Modern Building Regulations now require a building to be built to achieve certain standards and comply with the relevant criteria whether it be Part L, TM29, TM59, BREEAM, ESFA etc.

Why choose us?

DSM ModelOur software packages, experience and qualifications allow us to perform each of the assessments and use the software to its fullest to provide you with the correct reports and certificates to prove compliance with the relevant regulations and compliance criteria. As with all of our services, we aim to work with you right from the initial concept stage through to completion to provide help and advice to find the most appropriate design solution and method of procedure for your building.

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If you have a building project anywhere in the UK, and are looking for a professional company to provide dynamic simulation requirements, we can help. Give one of our friendly team a call today on 01623 573009 for more information and expert advice.



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