What is Legionnaire’s Disease?

Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria that contaminates water systems, which is why it is a risk in domestic properties and creates the requirement for a Legionella risk assessment for landlords. Not everyone is aware of the disease and the risks it can carry, but it can be deadly. It is therefore essential that all landlords are aware that they need to have risk assessments carried out regularly to maintain a safe living environment for their tenants.

Legionella Risk Assessment – what is it?

A legionella assessment is an inspection of a properties water systems, to ensure that the risk of legionella bacteria growing is at a controlled level and that safety measurements are put in place.

There is no set time scale as to how often this assessment needs to be carried out, but it should be reviewed regularly (We advise landlords to have this carried out annually) and you should have a retest carried out if there are any changes to the water systems in the property, or even if there are changes in tenants or in the medical situations of your current tenants – which may make them more susceptible to getting the disease.

For a legionella risk assessment for landlords, it is advised that a competent and experienced consultant or company carries out the assessment to ensure this has been completed correctly and covers the landlord or tenant from any future risks.

Why choose us for your landlord Legionella risk assessments?

With many years of experience carrying out legionella risk assessments throughout the UK, our expert Nottinghamshire based team have the know-how to carry out the assessment properly and thoroughly. Having regular assessments carried out by our team will ensure the safety of the property and will eliminate the risk of you being held responsible if legionella bacteria is found in the building you let.

Whether you’re a landlord in Nottingham, Scotland,  the UK, and think you and your tenants could benefit from a legionella assessment? Give one of our friendly team a call today on 01623 573009 for more information and guidance.

legionella risk assessment for landlords

Legionella Risk Assessment Pricing?


  • 1 – 4 Bedroom Property = £100.00 – includes combi or regular boiler systems
  • 5+ Bedroom Property = £120.00 – includes combi or regular boiler systems
  • Commercial Properties = Starting at £200
  • Multiple properties/buildings requiring assessment? Please contact us for a competitive quotation

*Stated fees are based upon a 20-mile radius from NG19 (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire) – Buildings outside of this catchment may be
subject to additional travel charges.

All prices stated are an all-inclusive fee.

What are the legionella testing requirements for landlords?

How often are legionella risk assessments required?

Where can I source Legionella testing near me?



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