Ventilation Testing Services

We are able to offer 2010 Building Regulations Part F Ventilation Testing for commercial and residential properties, with an accompanying certificate and/or remedial steps needed to bring an air flow system into compliance.

Our Vent Testing satisfies the following regimes

    • Part F – England & Wales
    • Part K – Northern Ireland
    • Section 3 – Scotland

Call us on 01623 573009 or email here: info@compliant-epc.co.uk

What is Ventilation Testing?

Ventilation testing in the UK involves evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of a building’s ventilation system to ensure it meets the expected standards of the 2010 Building Regulations. These tests help determine the quantity and quality of air circulating in a building and ensure compliance with local ventilation regulations. Our testing typically includes measuring airflow, identifying potential contaminants, and verifying that the system is properly balanced. Often ventilation testing is conducted alongside air pressure testing to provide a more complete air flow picture.

Do I Need Ventilation Testing?

Part F of the Building Regulations establishes that all new dwellings will need air flow rate testing on their ventilation systems. This is particularly important for new build property developers but can also impact on those redeveloping or extending existing properties.

Tests consider anything from trickle vents to extractor fans.

What is the importance of Ventilation Testing?

Ventilation testing ensures residential properties in the UK meet established legal requirements, which have been fostered to promote occupant health and comfort, but they also encourage an attitude of moisture and mould damage prevention.

The latter occurs where good ventilation can help to regulate temperature and humidity levels. But the former can also help to combat the buildup of harmful pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can lead to serious health implications on residents.

Why use Compliant EPC For Vent Testing?

Since our inception in 2015, we have worked hard toward establishing authority and professionalism in the sector. As a ROSPA, CIBSE and STROMA approved member firm, you can be sure that the standards we maintain to hold these accreditations puts us among the leading consultancies to work with in the UK.

Speak To Us For Part F Testing

Our Part F vent testing team are always on hand to offer tailored advice to help with your building project – whether you are a contractor, architect or even a self-builder. Give one of our professional team a call today on 01623 573009 to find out more about the ventilation testing services we offer, and how it fits in with other regulated testing.



  • Contact us for a competitive quotation (Based on property size and location).


Prices stated are an all-inclusive fee and include up to 2 additional re-tests on the same site visit if the property is not
meeting compliance in the first instance.

Prices stated are plus VAT



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