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If your business requires SBEM calculations and assessment, then Compliant EPC is available to provide consultancy services in this field across the UK.

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What is SBEM?

For all non-residential properties in the UK, Simplified Building Energy Modelling helps to identify how energy-efficient buildings are. Building control and project managers must show prospective owners what they can expect from potential energy use.

Working in line with BER/TER, or carbon emissions targets, this assessment will ensure that a building is compliant and safe to use.  If you are in charge of a commercial building project for non-residential purposes whether it be a new build, conversion or extension, it is time to arrange a SBEM with Compliant EPC Ltd.

Compliant EPC Ltd works in line with both the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and National Calculation Methodology (NCM) to ensure that all readings are above board.

Types of SBEM Calculations

All commercial new build properties require an SBEM assessment, but also some non commercial developments will require this work too:

  • Extensions
  • Conversions
  • Commercial New Builds

How is an SBEM Calculation carried out?

The calculation splits into two parts:

  • The first part is the design stage. At this point, assessors will look carefully at building plans and proposed specifications and work up and assessment based on the proposed design to ensure that they are compliant with government standards. If the building does not initially meet compliance our team of expert assessors will work with you to find a compliant solution which meet the requirements of Part L2 of the building regulations.
  • The second part is the as-built stage. This takes place once a building is near to completion and allows assessors to accurately update calculations with the final fit-out specification, ready to issue the final as-built documentation and certificates for building sign off.

It’s important that both stages take place, initially to ensure that the proposed design will meet compliance and finally to sign-off the building and begin use or marketing the property.

Building control must ensure they have lodged EPCs, BRUKL certificates and recommendation documents to file upon completion. What’s more, the findings and results in any EPCs (energy performance certificates) may help to market a building.

A SBEM takes into account lighting, heating and ventilation over the course of a year.  These hypothetical figures will help regulation to ascertain whether or not a building meet current standards, and how it may be marketed.

When is an SBEM Calculation Required?SBEM Calculation Template

TLDR: Part L2 of the Building Regulations in the UK, makes an SBEM calculation a mandatory requirement for all commercial new build properties.

A SBEM calculation is crucial at the very start of any non-dwelling build. People who will benefit from these assessments include building control officers, contractors’, building owners and architects.  Essentially, if you are in control of a building project, you must arrange for an SBEM assessment to be carried out as soon as possible.

Having these calculations carried out will help to minimise issues with compliance and sign off throughout the build process. Not only will it help your building to pass regulation, it will help to prepare your property for marketing.  Some of the data supplied in the findings are useful in building reports, should a potential buyer request them.  It is very likely that they will!

Why use us for your SBEM Calculation?

We work hard to help building owners and managers keep their projects in line with UK regulations, for SBEM, this means following Building Regulations, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and National Calculation Methodology (NCM). As an accredited ROSPA, STROMA and Low Carbon Consultancy, we bring professionalism, expertise and peace of mind to our clients.  With years of experience in the industry, and having supported thousands of grateful clients from Sussex, Nottingham, Kent, Scotland, Surrey and beyond, you can be sure of a thorough and speedy service.

Need to arrange SBEM as soon as possible?  Contact Compliant EPC Ltd today on 01623 573009 or email us at contact@compliant-epc.co.uk.

SBEM Calculation Pricing?

  • Prices starting from £300
  • Multiple buildings requiring assessment? Please contact us for a competitive reduced-price quotation

Our SBEM Calculation fees are typically based upon the size and complexity of a dwelling. We do prefer to offer a bespoke quotation on a job-by-job basis to give you the best price – So get in contact and send us your plans today!

Prices stated are an all-inclusive fee including lodgement and registration fees, compliance advice, basic iterations and the issue of all supporting documentation.

Is an SBEM Calculation Pass or Fail?

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