What is overheating in buildings?

In recent times the risk of overheating in buildings has become more prevalent, as changing climates and global warming make controlling the required indoor climate of a building ever more problematic.

CIBSE TM52 Thermal Comfort Analysis has been created to assess this issue with a view to mitigating the problem through an efficient design, appropriate management and adequately sized HVAC equipment ensuring the longevity of a buildings design, use and function.

The aim is to ensure that the building maintains an optimal temperature throughout the colder winter months and doesn’t exceed excessively high temperatures throughout the summer months. The analysis is carried out by running full year simulations of a building, taking into account the building design and service strategy – Current and future weather data is used to assess the buildings indoor climate.

At Compliant EPC Ltd we use the most comprehensive software packages available and our assessors and consultants are trained and qualified to the highest possible standards (CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants | CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessor: Level 5) to assess buildings by way of Dynamic Simulation Model. CIBSE TM52 Thermal Comfort Analysis sets three criteria for compliance. A building that fails two or more of the criteria is deemed to be at an unacceptable risk of overheating.

Assessment Criteria:

1.     Criterion 1: Hours of Exceedance

2.       Criterion 2: Daily Weighted Exceedance

3.       Criterion 3: Upper Limit Temperature


Why choose us?

Through years of training and qualifications in the respective field, our experienced consultants have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of CIBSE TM52. We have worked on a wide range of projects from offices to schools, university building and hospitals. Using our enhanced software packages and advice we can guide you through the process, right from concept to completion ensuring that every building assessed will achieve a pass.

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