What is a Water Efficiency Calculation?

A water efficiency calculation can help building owners to work out the total water consumption, per person, per day in a property.  Following guidelines set by Approved Document G under government Building Regulations – Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency, all new build projects whether it be new build or conversion must calculate how much water is likely to be used each day.

Using Compliant EPC Ltd’s bespoke water usage calculator, it is now easier than ever to make sure your building is fully compliant with UK regulations.

Why is It Important?

UK Building Regulations state that all new builds need to ensure a specific level of water efficiency.  In line with Approved Document G, building control must make sure that each person in a property receives a maximum of 125 litres of water.

A calculation is crucial for new builds to legally prove that they are compliant.  Without it, a home or building may not pass approval.  Therefore, it is extremely important for project managers to seek calculation as soon as possible.

Approved Document G offers guidelines relating to water efficiency, hot water safety and sanitation.  To safely welcome people into a building, you need to be sure that your water systems are acting efficiently enough!

water efficiency calcWhen Do You Need a Water Efficiency Calculation?

If you are in charge of building control on a new home, property or premises, you will need a water usage calculator as soon as possible.  Before you can legally market a property, you must ensure that a calculation proves it is efficient enough for everyday use by the assumed occupants.

Compliant EPC Ltd works hard to ensure that building managers receive the support they need at short notice.  It is impossible to calculate water efficiency without the support of a professional team, and professional tools.  With Approved Document G proving so important to Building Regulation control, it is essential a calculation is arranged as a priority.

Why Choose Compliant EPC?

Compliant EPC works hard to ensure our clients receive trustworthy care and support on all Building Regulations matters.  Therefore, should you need a water calculation at short notice, we will make sure to support you with the care and efficiency you deserve.

Compliant EPC is a leading name in building compliance support.  With years of experience and knowledge in the sector – and in regulations in general – we are confident that we can help all projects achieve the full compliance they require.

If you need to arrange a water efficiency calculation soon, make sure to call Compliant EPC directly on 01623 573009, or to email us via contact@compliant-epc.co.uk.  We will set you up with a cost-efficient service as soon as you need it.

Working in line with all UK government regulations, Approved Document G is protocol that we understand is crucial to the provisioning of all UK buildings.  Call Compliant EPC now to learn more about our water consumption calculator.


  • Prices starting from £50

Prices stated are an all-inclusive fee including compliance advice, basic iterations and the issue of all supporting documentation.



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